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Barefoot running hits the mainstream with new foot shaped shoe

Posted Sep 24 2009 10:01pm 1 Comment


You' ve probably seen (or at least heard about) marathon runners that will run 26.2 miles wearing only shorts shirts, but no shoes.

This year the barefoot running trend seems to be hitting its stride---pardon the pun.

More and more curious runners are trying to run the way the good Lord intended them to run---without shoes.


Some runners will point to the fact "that there were few running injuries before the 1970s, when Nike introduced the first cushioned running shoe," according to an interesting story on the new trend in the Baltimore Sun.

"Obviously, it' s resonating with people," said Dr. A. Ben Pearl, a podiatrist in Arlington, Va., who has spoken on barefoot running. "It' s become a culture of its own."

Pearl said there isn' t enough data to know whether barefoot running is safe - or even if it prevents injuries. He says people in good shape shouldn' t be afraid to try it, but they must start slowly. The bottoms of their feet need to develop calluses. The rest of the body has to adapt. When barefoot, Pearl said, a runner touches more lightly on the heel and lands more on the ball of the foot, which is different than the way a runner in standard shoes tends to strike the ground. This takes getting used to."

But let' s say that you are curious about running barefoot but afraid of stepping on something sharp and pointy like broken glass.

"A revolutionary new shoe, straight from Italy, is the next best thing to wearing no shoes at all," according to the New York Daily News.

The, $75 feels like a sock, but supports like a sneaker.

So what' s it like to run in this new shoe?

Jacob Oserhout of the New York Daily News took these shoes out for a spin and found them to be a bit hard to put on, plus they certainly seem to attract their share of stares in New York.

You can read about his semi-barefoot run HERE.

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where I can buy these shoes I live in los angeles california
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