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Back to back to back…

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:39pm
Usually I’ll limit my speedwork run sessions to once or twice a week. And even then I normally don’t run them on back-to-back days. However, on a rare occasion I will do three in one week and even rarer I’ll do them back-to-back-to-back and this week was one of those rarer occasions. My next race is 3-weeks out so it felt like a good time to turn up the intensity. Here’s how it went…

Wednesday was a cool but not cold fall day and neither was it raining or windy. A good day to hit the track! After an uphill WU mile I ran circles to get in some shorter sets at a higher intensity, then I ran a downhill CD mile. All in all I felt pretty good…or as good as one can feel running track repeats!
Stats for Wednesday’s run: 4.5-miles in 33:12 @ 7:22/m pace.
2x(400w/100-rec, 800w/200-rec, 400w/100-rec)
1m WU = 8:20
400-800-400 = 1:28, 3:07, 1:34
400-800-400 = 1:35, 3:10, 1:36
1m CD = 7:53

Thursday was an even nicer day outside so my hilly lunchtime run become a hilly push-the-pace run. I kept the effort level up and steady on the ups and downs and then pushed what little flat terrain I got a bit harder and I felt good. It was a beautiful day, I was feeling good, and the miles went by quickly. Then that evening while my beautiful wife was at a candle-selling party with her friends and my daughter was at work I hopped on the bike for a session of big-gear work. After 15-mins of WU I popped into the 53/12 gear and alternated 5-mins seated with 5-mins standing for 30-mins. I ended with another steady 15-minute cooldown.
Stats for Thursday’s run: 6.2-miles in 43:50 @ 7:04/m pace.
Stats for Thursday’s bike: 16.8-miles in 1-hour.

And that brings me to today. And run speed session number three for the week…and the weather added to the challenge. Today the temp was just over 40*, the rain was dumping, and the wind was howling – I mean REALLY blowing. It was cold and nasty. I didn’t want to go, but I told myself that on race day on January 4th I could have the exact same conditions and running today will make day just a little easier to deal with. You know what I like to say – Suffer during Training to Tolerate during Racing. So again with the uphill WU mile then it was 4x1200 with 200-recovery followed up with 6x200 with 100-recovery wrapped up with a CD mile back down to the office. I haven’t run in conditions quite this bad for some time, let alone done track work during them! But I got it done and it felt good knowing I did.
Stats for Friday’s run: 6.6-miles in 48:38 @ 7:22/m pace.
1m WU = 8:29
4x1200 = 5:01, 5:03, 5:10, & 5:10
6x200 = :49, :49, :47, :48, :51, & :45.
1m CD = 7:46

I hope your weekend is better weather-wise than mine will be. There is an artic front moving into the PNW that will have our high/low tomorrow at 34/25 and Sunday/Monday at 11/20! Ouch. I’m already trying to decide what I’ll wear to run in that crap. Unless it’s icy I’ll be out there and if you’re out there too dress accordingly and be very careful.
Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend…
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