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Armstrong to Hamilton...I'm going to 'make your life a living (expletive) hell.'

Posted Jun 14 2011 8:37am

Lance-Armstrong-angry In what may be a sign of the cycling times, Lance Armstrong recently confronted Tyler Hamilton in an Aspen restaurant and told his former teammate, that his legal team would "(expletive) destroy you," "tear you apart on the witness stand," and "make your life a living (expletive) hell."

According to THIS story published in ESPN, the two Tour de France cyclist serendipitously met at a popular Aspen Restaurant when Armstrong confronted Hamiliton about THIS recent CBS News Interview where Hamilton alleged that he saw Armstrong use and inject performance enhancing drugs while preparing to race (and eventually win) the Tour de France.

According to Chris Manderson, Hamilton Attorney, the heated conversation unnerved Hamilton and was eventually reported to Federal Authorities.

"Lance Armstrong is a possible defendant in an investigation that's been widely reported, and Tyler is a probable witness," Manderson said. "When there's any contact, especially aggressive contact, we as lawyers have a duty to inform the authorities. ... What they will do with it, I don't know."

"If I were the prosecutor, my investigator would be going to talk to Hamilton," said California-based former federal prosecutor Richard J. Cutler, now with the firm of Dechert LLP. "This, to me, is a game-changer." A charge of witness tampering could also affect any statute of limitations issues prosecutors might be facing by extending the timeline forward to the present day, Cutler added." according to ESPN.

Hamilton, a resident or Boulder, Colorado, had gone to the popular restaurant Cache Cache in Aspens with friends. Armstrong, who has a home in Aspen and was also dining at the restaurant, confronted Hamilton as he was walking out of the bathroom according to various published reports. The two exchanged a heated conversation after which Hamilton was banned from Cache Cache by the restaurant's owner and friend of Armstrong.

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