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Are triathlons too dangerous for weight loss seeking amateur triathletes?

Posted Aug 08 2011 2:09pm


Jasmine Oeinck, a professional triathlete from Boulder, Colorado recently crashed out of this this weekend's rain soaked Nautica New York City Triathlon when she ran over a, "pothole and cartwheeled over her bicycle, sustaining deep scrapes on her back and legs, and a gash on her right elbow," as reported in the New York Times yesterday.

Speaking to the New York Times   after hearing that two competitors suffered possible heart attacks during the swim, "she said that she thought that the triathlon’s increase in popularity had attracted a wider range of athletes to the sport."

"It’s now become a common trend is for people to use triathlon as a way to lose weight," Oeinck said. "But you go to races and look around, and you start to ask yourself, is this race too much for that person?"

A 2010 study the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that from 2006 to 2008, 14 people died while participating in triathlons. The startling news...13 of the 14 died during the swim.

The report went on to state that 7 of the racers who died had an autopsy, and that they had died from cardiovascular abnormalities. But the study concluded that part of the reason for the high death toll during the swim was the challenge posed by open open water swims that hamstrung life saving attempts by EMS professionals.

“Because triathlons begin with chaotic, highly dense mass starts, there is opportunity for bodily contact and exposure to cold turbulent water,” the report said. “Triathlons also pose inherent obstacles to identifying distressed athletes and initiating timely resuscitation on open water.”

What do you think? Is Oeinck correct?

Please use the comments section below to let us know your thoughts and experiences.

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