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And the year's best Ironman rant goes to...Ironman Wisconsin

Posted Sep 15 2009 10:01pm

Avon_ironman-300x344 By now you must know that not everybody loves triathletes.

And when it come to Ironman triathletes the emotional response to say 2500 crazed amatuer athletes invading your hometown can sometimes be...(shall we say)...interesting.

So today we bring you the year' s best Ironman rant as published in the comments sections of the online Madison, Wisconsin paper the Isthmus The Daily Page.

The rant belongs to one reader calling themselves lolabrat.

And while we somewhat agree with the idea of walking the bike instead of hogging the elevator, the part about how much triathletes stink really is a low blow as it is not just exercise that makes people stink.

" I would HATE to be in a hotel full of triathletes. HATE. I hate their cocky attitudes, their smelly bodies, their nasty too-tight clothes. I really hate how they claim that their fitness and sweat give them natural high. I get high off of my pain medication or a nice drink. And I always look pretty, stylish, and I smell good too. They don' t know what kind of highs they' re missing!

I do respect their dedication and stamina and strength. Though none of these qualities make up for them riding 3 next-to-each-other on the sidewalk in Madison. Or hogging the elevator so they can ride with their 2-wheeled lovers. Save the elevators for people who don' t think they have super human powers.These athletes should be walking the stairs with their 2-wheeled lovers high above their heads. Don' t they like to show off their strength anyway?

Ughhh they just stink really bad. If you see one this weekend tell them that no matter how hard they try there will always be someone better than them. "

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