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And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Posted Mar 28 2009 3:49pm

Hmm...seems as if I caught myself a little cold on Tuesday. Because on Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat. Yuck.

I wasn't too worried though because Wednesday was a day off training (again!) and I was working from home so I could take things nice and easy. Sleep in. Take a nap. I think I only ventured outside to go to my ART appointment. It helped that it was a rainy, grey day outside. Perfect for staying inside with the feet up. So yes, I was hopeful that when I woke up on Thursday I would be feeling just fine and that I could do my 4 hours of training.

Uh...not so much.

I woke up on Thursday feeling worse. DARN! This is me getting sick, not just a little tickle in the throat. Now it really was a sore throat and aches and pains and a stuffy nose and sneezing and feeling BLAH.

I contemplated my options. Really if it was any other day in the middle of a training cycle I probably would have just plowed right through, done the training and dealt with a cold for a week or so. It wasn't bad - nothing like a bad flu, no fever, nothing too worrisome. BUT I have a big race coming up that is now just a week away so sickness was not something to play with. I determined that getting better was more of a priority than the training at this point. Bugger.

So I threw the covers back over my head and went to sleep. And slept for a long, long time. I did get up and moving around later that afternoon. I mean seriously - I had to see what was going on on FB right?! :)

I also had to talk with my coaches and see what they thought. And Roxy was looking mighty hungry. Someone has to feed the dog! (and O was away at a track meet)

Friday morning dawned and I felt MUCH better. Still a little congested. Still a little tired but definitely good enough to try a little workout or two. So I ran for 30 minutes and rode the trainer for 30 minutes (I know, try not to go overboard right?) and called it a day. I spent the rest of the day trying to relax and not do too much. This is taking taper is the extreme! But my body obviously needed it or I wouldn't have gotten sick.

I also talked to my coach on the phone which was good because it's always nice to hear that reassurance from someone else that it's going to be okay. I think the first reaction is always to panic a little and think "why does this have to happen NOW?" but once I got through that and accepted that it is what it is, and no matter what I can still race, well than it's all better. :) And coach pointed out the fact that it's actually better to get sick now and miss a few hours of training in the taper (once all the work is already done) than to miss big weeks in the training cycle where you are really gaining fitness. Good point coach. Good point. I was incredibly blessed throughout this whole training cycle in staying healthy and not missing a single workout.

That taper - it's a funny thing. ;)

So this morning I woke up and went to the pool. Hadn't been there in a while! :) And my swim went just fine! I definitely feel even better today than yesterday, so I'm going to also do my bike ride which is just a moderate 2 hours. It doesn't hurt that it's absolutely beautiful outside and already in the mid 50s. Things are looking up! And I need to get out of this house! I was so desperately bored yesterday that I (1) actually studied for my upcoming exam and (2) started a twitter account. Yes, that's right, twitter. I swore I wasn't going to add ANOTHER thing to get addicted to (what with training, blogs, FB, etc...) but I just couldn't help myself. :)

And with that - time to get Scotty ready to go and out the door! Here's to staying healthy! Have a great weekend everyone!

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