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And it's TAPER Rest HARD Time

Posted Feb 01 2011 12:00am
This week and next week are filled with running TAPER and it’s a HARD taper and rest! Hahaha! Actually – the timing couldn’t be more perfect with the scholastic area of my life. I have a mid-term the Tuesday after the marathon so the rest on the Saturday before will offer me a fantastic block of time to put my feet up at a coffee shop and get down to Psych business. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying the course. It is more reading and more assignments than I had anticipated, but every week when I go the 3 hour block just flies by. Our class is VERY tiny for a 1st year course with only 11 people in it so it is inevitable that EVERYONE is called upon to speak. That freaks me out because although I do the work and have an understanding of it, when I am put on the spot to articulate my thoughts I feel like I want to vomit and I have a hard time putting 2 words together. So hopefully I will prove myself in what I know and understand on the exam.

I am feeling pretty good about the race coming up, but am careful to get too confident as that can lead to disappointment. I know what I “should” be capable of on a good day, but am VERY aware of what can happen on a bad day. So I am staying focused on the “good day” scenario, which will mean running the first ½ marathon at a 1:40:00 and then hanging on for the end. I would LOVE to run all the miles at 7:45 min/mile or better which would bring me in at 3:24:00 and that would be AWESOME for me! We will see. My last long run I was thinking of all of the ladies that inspire me in different ways and will surely pull them in at different points in my marathon. In addition to all of those bloggy moms and ladies and guys who inspire me: Teresa – reminds me of how fortunate I am to have the privilege of running, Beth – inspires me to CRUSH my running dreams, Bree and Charisa – remind me to smile, Kerrie – will remind me in those tough moments to MOVE MY A$$ (and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your words of wisdom, hopefully, I don’t put them to shame;))) eeekkkk!, RR – well, I won’t try to look like a running gazelle because I have been known to trip and fall on occasion so I should probably not think about how she makes running look SO glamorous (that could be disastrous for me), my family at the finish line – THAT IS THE BEST! Not only for the hugs from the midget and the man, but when I can’t walk my husband has Advil for me and reminds me to take it again before it wears off.

Just over a week a way!

Here are some pics from a shoot with my brother in law over the holidays – We live in a beautiful place!

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