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A special Thank You gift on this day of giving thanks to our readers and viewers

Posted Nov 25 2010 10:00am

1238 Editor's Note: On this day of many thanks we want to especially thank you for reading, visiting and being the most important part of the success and the growth of EMT.

As a thoughtful thank you to you...our partners MindsetTriathlon and our very own Ben Greenfield have a special Thanksgiving gift on this day of giving thanks.

Ben has generously donated his book "Holistic Fueling for Ironman Triathletes", which has a value of $17.00! FYI: It is the number one bestseller on MindsetTriathlon!

The coupon code is "everyman" but you don't need to fill it in. Just click HERE to download this bestseller at no cost.

The coupon code will automatically be filled in at checkout, with the coupon code of "everyman".  Please note that if you don't have a MindsetTriathlon account you'll need to create one to download the book.

Happy Thanksgiving from MindsetTriathlon, Ben Greenfield and of course EverymanTri!

Description of the Book:

You've finally found the ultimate solution to fueling your body with the thousands of calories necessary for Ironman triathlon and ultra-endurance sports - without doing lasting damage to your vital organs, brain cells, skin and immune system!

Designed by nationally renowned author, exercise physiologist, sports nutritionist, and triathlon coach Ben Greenfield, this comprehensive daily nutrition plan for Ironman goes far beyond simple “meal suggestions”.

Instead, you’ll receive an exact weekly plan for base training, building to a race, carb loading, race day fueling, and even off-season and recovery weeks.

With the life of a busy Ironman triathlete in mind, the meal plan includes minimal meal preparation times and food choices that are easily accessible at commercial grocery stores. In addition, nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids for each period of the training year are included, complete with discount codes and dosage suggestions.

Most importantly, this plan is designed with your health in mind. You now have the ultimate solution to consuming thousands of calories without destroying your body.

Secrets revealed inside this book include
-The Three Crucial Concepts that are vital to understanding why you may be destroying your body with traditional Ironman fueling...

-Over 100 pages of step-by-step instructions for shopping, preparing and designing your meals...

-A comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section that reveals the holistic nutrition answers Ben receives on a daily basis from coached Ironman triathletes

-A plan for Base Training, Build Training, Rest Days, Rest Weeks, Race Tapering, Race Week and Race Day!

-Ben Greenfield's exact 2007 and 2008 Ironman World Championships race fueling strategy

-Proprietary discount codes of up to 40% on Ben Greenfield's personal selection of over 15 cutting-edge performance, health, and recovery nutritional supplements...

-And much, much more...

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