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A Pack of Monkeys

Posted Jan 07 2009 4:33pm

First of all, I had to ask O how to spell monkeys. I always get the "ys" stuff confused. Don't tell my mom. She's an English teacher.

Anyway, lately O and I have been consuming bananas at an alarming rate. Lots of bananas. Like LOTS of bananas. I don't think I truly noticed the extent of this banana-eating until O came home from the grocery store tonight. And one ENTIRE grocery bag was filled with bananas. Who eats that many bananas? Apparently us. Can't go wrong with a banana though - potassium, fiber, yellow. What more could you want? Easy on the stomach. Great with peanut butter. The monkeys are definitely on to something.

And anyway, what is a "collection" of monkeys called? A pack? A clan? A barrel? (and yes, I just asked O how to spell barrel - I was thinking double L at the end)

Enough of this madness.

Let's talk swimming.

This morning at masters 5x500. Yowzies! 1-3 descend, 4th one was broken at the 100s and then on the 5th one, 500 straight holding the pace you swam on the 100s. Considering I swam all 1:14s on the 100s, I was in some deep doodoo come the last 500. Monkey doodoo. But I pushed hard and even though I was convinced my arms were no longer attached to my body, I swam a near 500 PR. No, it wasn't a 6:10 (1:14 pace), but still good! Great workout. Fun workout. Perhaps not as fun as a barrel of monkeys, but close! :)

I could bore you with the details of the rest of my day (work, the YMCA to lift where I stumbled across "free" lotion in the locker room?, etc...) but I won't. Instead, I'm going to bed! Good night all, and have a wonderful Tuesday!

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