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A Guy Thing

Posted Jun 06 2009 12:05am
Things that I think are "guy" things:

Writing in your blog that you have a new grandchild - well, is it a boy or a girl or what? No details.

Getting out a new roll of toilet paper when there are still about 6 sheets of toilet paper on the roll - do you put the new roll on the holder - no, you leave it sitting on the sink....are you afraid you'll do it wrong?

Opening a new bag of potato chips when one is already open - oh, there are only crumbs left in that bag that you have no intention of eating - how about throwing that bag away?

Thank you for putting your dirty dishes in the sink after dinner, but why did you leave your glass and napkin on the table? You already walked to the sink and the trash can is right next to your chair.

Thanks for cleaning up that one section of the garage - where for the past 2 years you've left paint, paint rollers and brushes and other assorted tools right where I get out of my car. Let's not mention, that in a 3 car garage, you have 2 cars and 2 slots - so I guess the only place to leave your junk is by my car!
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