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A Few Random Things on Sunday...

Posted Aug 15 2010 2:25pm
I went for a really cold 50 mile ride early this morning to celebrate that Timberman is only a week way. 

All that nice foggy stuff on the river means the water is getting colder. 
It was pretty, but really cold. I didn't check the temp, but I couldn't feel my hands for the first hour (because I forgot my gloves).  As I was nearing the crest of the turnaround, the sun came out and it was a pretty warm ride back.
Thank you sun.  I needed that.
Anyway, that ride is my last longish ride until race day.  I felt good and my recent tune has my bike changing gears happily.

Speaking of the bike shop...
I seriously always have issues whenever I step into any bike shop.  I must have something tattooed on my forehead that I am not aware of.  I brought my bike in, and the A-hole said (and I quote)

"You have got to get rid of that thing and get a real bike."

That thing?  Rico is not a thing, he is my bike, and he is very real.  And he has feelings.  He is still sulking and he has a very important race to take me on in a week.

I told the guy that I really was looking for sponsors and if he would like to sponsor me with a new bike I would happily ride it in Ironman Lake Placid next year.  I then asked where the next closest bike shop was. 

He chuckled and said he was "just kidding" and said that the next closest bike shop was an hour and a half away (I had already driven that far to get to this one).

OH! You were joking!!  So sorry. I get it!! You called my bike a piece of crap. Ha fing ha. Stop crapping on Rico, he is my main man right now and we have had a lot of happy miles together.  Hrmph. I KNOW my bike isn't top of the line but it is what I have and can afford. 

And really, he rolls pretty good - plus his motor is in much better shape than last year. 

Reason # 7893 that I need to learn to do EVERYTHING on my bike: so I don't have to deal with these schmucks.

About the race...
I am excited about it.  Thinking about my goals for the race is pretty fun, and this is what I am thinking.
  • Swim ~ 0:45 - I am not very speedy, but I am very stubborn.  Maybe I will even surprise myself.
  • Bike ~ 3:30 - I really hope to be closer to 3:15, it all depends on how I feel after the swim.  My primary goal here is fuel properly and to not blow up on the bike.
  • Run ~ 2:20 - Here is the thing, I am most comfortable with the run.  My run fitness isn't where it should be 100% because of the injury I dealt with most of the spring and early summer.  I really have only been following the run part of my training plan for about a month.  I know I can suffer on the run and keep pushing forward, so my attitude with it is a bit...well, let's see what happens.
More on this later as we get closer.  You are going to get sick of hearing about it probably.

Random Bailey Picture
I just liked this picture of him from work this week.  He was inspecting the road building we have going on at work (and begging for stale donuts).  He is 100% back to himself, which is awesome.
Happy dirty dog
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This Week Training:

Swim - 2.6 miles
Bike - 102 miles
Run - 17 miles

10.5 hrs

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