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A couple days-A couple stories

Posted May 13 2009 11:32pm
I have to share this. It really makes me laugh.
A few nights ago, I plopped on my son's bedroom floor during story time and decided to show one of them (there are 3, I can't remember who it was) how to arm wrestle. It think I was distracting him from something.
This totally amused the kids. They all took turns with each other and little Nick was absolutely cracking up. They loved it.
This ended in a dual between Mommy and Daddy. Now, of course Daddy is stronger. Right? He's 6' 3" & 195 lbs and well, a guy.
Ha! We were in a "stalemate" for several minutes. His eyes grew wide and he just laughed. "Honey! Oh my god. I can't believe this! Ahhh!" He was cracking up. He couldn't budge me! Finally, my arm was tired. He got me in the end of course.
The funny part? He got up and lifted the next day.
Girl power.

What can we do to make the swim longer in triathlons? I've had a good week in the pool. I am not sure what changes from week to week but sometimes you just have it. Sometimes you don't. Some days I can move along and feel good. Not bad. But certainly not great. Clearly there are many factors that influences daily performance. I realize that. In fact I'm clearly aware of things that affect daily performance.
But all I care about right now is that this week I have felt great in the water. A few days ago I had a swim with a few fast sprints. They were as fast as I've been all season. Today, I had 6x400. The intervals descended down to 5:20. Those would be tough to make. Right? Nope! I nailed 'em all!! All safely under 5:20. Like that. I pulled out my "open water distance stroke" and it felt smooth. That might sound strange but I do swim differently once the wetsuit is donned and I am moving for 20-30 min in the case of a Half Ironman.
Later on I knocked out a fairly strong 3 hr ride. I had some zone 3 work in the middle. Z3 is Tough!! On the bike anyway. On the run, not so much. But my bike Z3 Starts at 153 bpm. I have a high HR I think. But I have to kick my ass to get there. And then to hold it....ouch. But I did it. My quads feel it now baby.

My final mission this week is more work on nutrition. I am constantly playing with my nutrition. I am constantly thinking about it anyway. I am reading more and more about clean eating. I have emptied a few things from our cupboards that I never realized were so bad. My kids are thrilled. I made some yummy homemade granola bars. We are nearly free from refined sugars, enriched flour, and other processed foods. Hmm...wonder if this is why I am feeling so good.

Finally, we have a new kitten. he is awesome. So cute. Pictures to come. But rigth now, the little nut is on my legs crawling in circles and playing with must stop. He's going to rip a hole if I don't stop him.

see ya!
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