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A cardboard bike you can ride, race and recycle

Posted Mar 12 2009 3:03pm


The bike cost about $30 to produce and as you can tell by this photo it is not made out of steel, aluminum, titanium of even carbon fiber.

It is made out of cardboard and the British college student who designed it says that it won' t get all soggy in the rain.

Art.phil.bridge I realized that one of the biggest issues in Britain was the initial cost of a bike," said University student Phil Bridge, 21. "Also, people are concerned about leaving their bike outside in the street chained to a lamppost; will it be vandalized or stolen?"

His inspiration came from the fact that he wanted to design a bike that nobody would steal.

"The expensive bits are the metal components," he said. "I could do the frame, the fork and the wheels for about $8 -- the cardboard components -- all finished and assembled."

The bike' s frame is made out of heavy duty cardboard and it can hold a rider who weighs up to about 170 pounds.

Carboardbike So all you really need are some areobars and a few more gears and you' d have yourself the cheapest and most environmentally friendly race bike on the planet.

And best of all with the average cost of transporting a bike on most big airlines now just under $100 one way, you could always just recycle it after a race and get a new one for the next time.

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