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A boxers brief

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:35pm

Being half-Hawaiian has it's advantages and it's disadvantage. I can eat my weight in pineapple and sushi. I love coconut pudding, haupia if you please. If I ever listed my nationality for anything I'd have minority status. But I am built in the traditional Hawaiian mold; thick legs, wide hips, powerful shoulders and arms. Regardless of how I train I keep these traits. And Mighty Mo was born with these same traits.

Needless to say, the usual Tighty Whitey brief underwear does not suit our build because the leg holes are too small and as taut as my rock hard tri-gut is, waistbands on underbrithches are always a subjective feeling. Why else do you think so many Islander wear swim shorts all the time?

Low and behold the Wall Street Journal did an article on the decisions men must make in their options for under britches. Finally a reason to post on such things!

I spent my years trying different makers and styles finally finding boxer briefs. My current favorite is Ex Officio's version of the boxer brief found at REI. Much like the WSJ article, I never imagined paying $25 for a pair of underbritches, but damn if these things ain't the best things to wear in oppressive heat, sweat or back country environments. And they fit me great.

Now to the Mighty Mo. Mo has gone commando almost since getting out of diapers. He's six. For mostly the same reasons, the waist band and legs are too tight on tighty whiteys and the regular boxers still left him with heat rash on his thighes. Damn our cursed genetics; all the build, none of the color.

Now with the temps over 100* until Halloween we are forcing his hand to wear some underbritches and not deal with heat rash all summer. He is digging his new 'boxter griefs', Polo I might add. Tre' chic'. He says they look like daddy's racing shorts, (my tri-shorts and not tre' chic').

TMI for a post? Perhaps. But mens underbritches are a billion dollar bidness now. And I take comfort over fashion any day. Treat yourself guys. And chicka's, the Ex Officios make a great gift. Hey, were always trying to buy you this stuff, how about a kick back for us ;)
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