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Posted May 20 2009 1:20pm
My goal for this week is to get in 9 main workouts – 3 swims, 3 runs, 3 rides. I know that’s a lot less than the average training plan calls for (especially since my first race is in 4 weeks!). The marathon training kind of put me behind schedule for triathlon training this spring. I tried to train for both, but as the marathon plan started to take up more time, my time on the bike and in the pool diminished significantly. I’m back on task now and am doing much better at balancing all three sports, but it’s hard to get so many workouts in.

This week is especially challenging because we’re doing a lot of entertaining too. My parents were in town yesterday for a random errand. It also happened to be my mom’s 60th birthday. I was glad I had the opportunity to spend some time with her. I’m pretty close to my mom, so I’ve missed spending time with her since we moved to MN. My husband’s mom is coming up this weekend. She hasn’t seen our house yet since we moved, so it will be fun to show her around the cities. I’m not sure when I’ll find time for workouts, but I’ll do my best.

So far, I’ve gotten a decent start on the week. Monday I tried out Emily’s swim workout. I cut it down to 2750 yards instead of 3000. I've only been doing around 2200 yds in my workouts, so I didn't want to over do it. I'll try the full workout soon. Here’s what I did, in case anyone needs some workout ideas:

Warm up: 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull; 8x50 drill
Main set: 100 (w/ 10 seconds rest), 200 (20 sec rest), 300 (30 sec rest), 400 (30 sec rest), 300 (30 sec rest), 200 (20 sec rest), 100 (10 sec rest)
Cool down: 150 easy swim

Monday night I got in a 20 mile ride by myself. Not too exciting to ride alone, but happy to get some miles in.

Tuesday morning I did the plyometrics workout of the P90X program. It was early in the morning and I didn’t really want to do it, so I didn’t give it 100% effort. The last time I did this workout, I was pretty sore the next day. This time I wasn’t sore at all. I definitely could have/should have worked harder.

Tuesday night I got in a 45 minute run. I’ve been doing my runs based on time lately, which is a nice change from marathon training which was based on miles. I’ve gotten in a rut of running the same courses over and over. I’m not cool enough to have a Garmin, so I still map out my courses on I’ve got about 5 different courses that I run all the time or combine together for longer runs - Very boring. Running for time is a new adventure for me because I’m not limited to routes where I know the exact mileage. I’ve been running in totally new places and finding new trails that I haven’t been on before. I really like the change of scenery.

Wednesday morning I got in another swim workout. I timed a mile and swam it 3½ minutes slower than I did a couple months ago. Not sure what happened there. I was trying to swim relaxed, so maybe I just wasn’t pushing myself enough. I’m not too worried about it at this point. My first race will be the true test of where I’m at. Since my parents were in town Wednesday afternoon/night, the swim was the only workout I got done that day.

Thursday (today) I got in a 35 minute run over lunch. That leaves my tally at 2 swims, 1 bike and 2 runs so far. Things are looking good for reaching my goal, but I’m starting to get tired too. I just need to stick to my schedule and get them done!
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