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2012 Race Schedule & MTV Air Date

Posted Jan 13 2012 8:04pm

I'm not even going to tell you about how I've been running around like a crazy women on a mission, working my tail off and getting just enough sleep not to crash. You already know all about that.

Let's talk about more important things instead. Let's talk about you and me. How we've been through some real struggles, trials and tribulations. Let's talk about how you've believed in me and encouraged me. Let's talk about how much I appreciate each of you who reads this blog and care enough to leave a word of encouragement. You know who you are, and even if you don't write, just you checking in means a great deal to me.

With that said, even though it's hard for me to see past next week, lots of wonderful things are on the horizon so if I wasn't about to work for the next three hours and then fly to Orlando tomorrow morning, I would raise a glass with you and celebrate a little!

MTV has notified me of a very possible air date (with the caveat that the programmers still could change it last minute, but that it seems PRETTY definite) and that is:

January 20th at 7:00pm EST! MTV Made I want to be a Triathlete - Branden

The 2012 race schedule has been tentatively decided and is as follows:

April 1 - Galveston 70.3

May 6 - Rev 3 Knoxville (Olymp)

May 19 - Ironman TX

June 10 - Eagleman 70.3

August 12 - Rev 3 Wisconsin Dells Half

Sept 9 - Rev 3 Full IM Cedar Point

October - TBD

Nov 19 - Ironman AZ

Obviously, this is a lot to bite off, but I feel confident in my coach, my training, and most of all, my support system (which includes you fine folks!). I'm super excited about the possibilities and I hope, most of all, to complete my first year healthy and learning what it takes to compete at this level. Whatever that brings, it brings.

I'm thankful the show is finally airing (hopefully) and I can't wait for you to see Branden achieve his dreams. It was such a life changing experience for both of us and I truly will never be the same. It was just awesome. Wait until you see :)

SO TUNE IN! Also, you'll notice a new look for the blog! Well, it goes with my new website:


Head on over and check it out!!! Make sure you watch the video "Meet Kim" that Kyle and I worked so hard on over the past month or two! Kyle is unbelievable and I could never do this without him, his partner Jason, Anna, the web designer for their company and the many people who help me edit every blooming thing that I want to put out there.

If you want to receive ten free tips to help you achieve your goals and dreams - sign up for my newsletter! It's right on the home page!!

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