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2011 Plans...Sort of

Posted Dec 05 2010 5:06pm
I am pretty sure as a little kid I was kind of like Calvin, an adventurer with a huge imagination who always had my parents wondering what I was going to do next.  Right now I am up on that ladder, getting ready to jump into my 2011 season.  I can almost hear my mother yelling something like "DON'T SIGN UP FOR ANY MORE RACES!"  Just because every time I talk to her I say something like, "You know what would be really cool? Rev3 in Costa Rica!  THEN I could do...this and this and this..."  

It is no surprise that I have a huge list of what I would really like to do, followed by what I can really afford to do, followed by what the realities of what time and life will allow me to do.  I should have my 2011 plans secured within the next week or so.  At this point, the only races I really have set in stone are The Tuckerman Inferno , and the obvious race I have been yapping about since July ( Ironman Lake Placid only 230 days away!!!!)

Actually, the one thing I know is that I will be volunteering at a few more races this year; local sprint tris that I usually compete in but just might not fit right into my IMLP training schedule.  This will be good for me because I get energy and motivation from helping other people, and nothing is better than a little volunteering to get that jolt.  If I ever get too old to race or something then I would definitely still volunteer a bunch, it is that good for me. 

As far as races and other adventures, I am looking beyond the Ironman too, I don't want to get the post-IM blues.  I have a trip in Baxter planned post IM (if that place doesn't make a person happy, nothing will), then I plan to do a few more races locally to end the season. 

It is kind of funny, when I started writing, I didn't think I had a lot to say, I just liked that Calvin and Hobbes cartoon (in my humble opinion, the best, most brilliant cartoon EVER). 

I hope you all had a awesome Sunday. 
November Totals: November was sort of the pre-build period.
Swim: 10,500 yards (WOW, that is pretty good for me)
Bike: 190 miles
Run: 48 miles
246 miles total

Weekly Totals: Entering the build period
Swim: 2700 yards
Bike: 84 miles
Run: 17 miles

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