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2 Weeks

Posted Apr 22 2013 4:17pm

For the past 2 weeks I have been trying to get over this cold that I caught. It seems this cold has hit many and it lingers for ever. Some friends are still hacking 6 weeks later while others ended up on antibiotics 3 weeks into it. I was one of the lucky ones.

For the past 2 weeks my training has looked like….well, not much. Week one’s hourly total of exercise was 1.5 hrs. And that was towards the end of the week with just a half hour workout in each sport.

Week two was better, I felt like I hardly trained at all. I even went against my coaches request that I go to Masters one morning. I felt sooo guilty for that! It happened to be snowing that morning and about 20 degrees out. I’m one of those who believe you can catch a cold going outside with wet hair…so my bed won out that morning.

As I logged my workouts that Sunday into TrainingPeaks I looked at my week total of training and it was just shy of 9 hrs. Not bad I thought. especially considering since I felt like I hadn’t trained at all. Kinda funny how that goes eh? When you’re Ironman training….9 hrs of training in a week feels like you didn’t even get any training in.

So 2 weeks….2 weeks until Ironman St George 70.3!  OMG!  I missed a lot of training and am not quit back to full strength yet.  2 weeks until I test myself on Snow Hill and hopefully don’t get my a$$ handed to me.  I’m kinda nervous.

Talking with my coach we decided that St George would go from a “B” race to a “C” race.  That means not much of a taper leading into it.  Which is fine with me since I haven’t hardly gotten a decent hard workout in since my 18 mile run .  Missing training just plain sucks.  Not my most favorite thing at all…….

It’s 2 weeks since I got sick…..and…2 weeks until St George.  I guess I’ll see what type of training I get in and how I continue to get rid of the remenants of this cold… Stay Tuned!

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