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10K Fun!

Posted Apr 25 2010 7:13pm

Today Oscar and I ran a 10K! I had so much fun. It took some convincing on my part for Coach to agree with this plan but I'm really glad he gave me the go-ahead. For one because I really love to race. For two because running races seem to really raise my fitness level. And for three because I love how racing breaks up training. Don't get me wrong, I like to train too, but a little variety is nice and keeps me happy! This especially worked out in my favor this time around because I got to do my long ride on Thursday when it was 60 and sunny instead of doing it yesterday when it was 50 and pouring down rain. I was more than happy to do my swim and short run yesterday instead! :)

And then today the weather was beautiful! Last year at this 10K we had some freakishly warm weather - 80 degrees! And this year - almost the same thing! Not quite as warm (more like low 70s) but still, that felt pretty toasty to be running in this time of year. I know everyone that raced in Texas and Florida today are rolling their eyes at this! :)

My goal today was to break 40 minutes. For some reason this is an incredibly hard thing for me to do in an open 10K. Not counting my college years (where I routinely ran the 10K on the track and obviously ran much faster than 40 minutes), I have only been able to break 40 minutes once on the roads. That was in the Great Race (which has a LOT of downhill) a few years back. Since then I've broken 40 a couple times in Olympic distance triathlons and have even ran through 10K faster than 40 minutes in a couple LONGER races (like in a few open 10 milers and half marathons) but the 39:xx eludes me otherwise!

And gosh darn it the streak continues!

I went through the 5K today in 20:03 and I thought "oh come on - you can do this!" but alas, I finished in 40:26!

Oh well - more motivation for next time! :) Plus I ran 1:30+ faster today than I did at this same race last year so I can't be too disappointed!

Oscar ran also and we both finished 4th overall! I don't think we've ever done that. :) Of course the top 3 places get money! Oh well. I knew I probably wasn't in the running for money when the West Virginia contingent of ringers showed up. :) The top woman actually beat Oscar and as he was finishing someone told him "don't feel bad, she is an Olympic Trials qualifer!" HAHA!

We may not have won real money but we did get some Burgh Bucks for winning our age groups!


The race is put on by a bar/wing place called Burgh's Pizza and Wings and you can use Burgh Bucks instead of real money there. :) Unfortunately the resturant is pretty far from our house so we will be donating our Burgh Bucks to one of Oscar's co-workers that lives right by Burgh's. :)


All in all a great morning! Doing the local races are so fun - saw some old friends and met some new ones!

Congrats to everyone on all the AWESOME racing this weekend. Loved coming home and looking up the results of Du Nationals, St. Anthony's, the Texas 70.3, IM South Africa, etc... Racing season is here and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! :)

Have a great week everyone!

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