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1000 Mile Goals: 9 Weeks Left

Posted Nov 05 2012 6:07am
At the beginning of 2012, I set two goals for myself, to both run and bike 1,000 miles this year. As of yesterday, this is how things stood
  • Cycling: 146.28 miles left.
  • Running: 285.17 miles left.
Monday: Off
  • Tweaked something in my lower back yesterday, maybe when planting bulbs, not sure, so no cycling today as a precaution. Laima and I went to Michigan today to pick up a couch from the cottage today. Probably not the best thing for my back, but I was careful and no more damage done. Now we're a sectional couch richer and we got to have lunch at Greenbush Brewing , one of our favorite places to eat in that area.
Tuesday: Run
    Finally got the 4th "Fast and Furious" dvd, so started that today. Decided to go treadmill rather than outside in case back problems flared up again. Happily, no problemo!
Wednesday: Run
    Since I took Monday off, decided this morning would be a catch-up day. Didn't want to ride in the dark, so a run was preferable. Planned on running outside this morning before work, but cold and blustery winds made it more palatable to stay in on the TM. Finished watching "Fast and Furious," 4th in the franchise and one of the more entertaining installments.
Garmin Edge

Thursday: Cycling
    Since I ran Tuesday and Wednesday, I decided today was a good day to ride. 11.5 miles relatively easy miles, though it was hilly and windy. Goal today was to stay off main roads, so rode through mostly southside neighborhoods, saw lots of new places.
Friday: Run
    60 minutes on the TM, finished "The Break-Up," more miles in the PureConnects, really liking them now. 2nd TM run today, started watching "Runaway Jury," love movies set in New Orleans! Was in a mood for a John Cusack movie for some reason.
Saturday: Cycling
    One of my favorite loops, usually not a lot traffic. Got stopped at 2 interminable lights today, probably the only true negative about riding later rather than early in the dark as I used to. Bonus run with the whole family at Greene Valley Forest Preserve. Couldn't believe it, but the kids ran pretty much the whole 3ish mile loop! Good practice for the Bonfield Express on Thanksgiving morning.
Sunday: Run
    Busy day ahead with 2 soccer games, so got an early run in on the TM -- finished up "Runaway Jury." So nice the time changed and everyone has some extra time to get ready!
Weekly Totals:
  • Cycling:  17.25 miles planned, 22.64 miles accomplished, 123.64 miles left.
  • Running: 32.5 miles planned, 33.38 miles accomplished, 251.79 miles left.
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