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Clermont, Florida
Hey Everyone! First and foremost, thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. My name is Kyle and as you probably already know, I’m a triathlete. I’ve been so for about 7 years now, but that’s just the beginning of getting to know me! I was born in Sarasota, Fl and raised as an only child. I did plenty of sports as a kid, anything from soccer to baseball. Then I got to middle school where everything went downhill except my weight, which went up and up. It went all... Full Bio
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Fresh As I Return

First off I want to apologize for not being able to write to all my fans the last couple days   . However I have some really exciting news, which...

Information Overload!

HOLY COW!!!! This week has been absolutely insane so far. Sorry for not being able to write for you guys the last couple days, I’ve just been all...

Oatmeal Raisin Coconut Cookies

With the new year upon us, I know many of you are trying to cut back on sweets and become healthier in 2012! However, you don’t have to give up...

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I made a Lego Stop Motion movie to inspire people to overcome their "limits". Check it out
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