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Dec 24 2010 by Fabuloso
Tri!  I was researching *best exercise after labral tear* and came across your x-rays and story!  So.....after 5 months of no running :( I am just getting back to minimal exercise.  I don't see a lot about the labral tear and as I'm sure you agree it is soooo frus! question to you is how's it going?  What helped you??  I am now doing NOTHING because I am nervous I will re-injure it and have to start all 12 pounds!!!! 
Dec 24 2010 by Fabuloso

Are you the girl with the labral tear?


Apr 06 2010 by theonlysuz
Me too!  I just got the results of the MRI-A yesterday and ...  I am so happy to have a diagnosis.  It has been 8 years of chronic pain and no diagnosis!