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My Body's Punch List

When hubster and I were building our house, the blue "punch list" tape was our best friend. In fact, after three years, I still find a piece of...

Time Heals All Wounds...It Better

Remember the first time you had your heart broken? As in, ripped out, stomped on and left for dead?  You never thought you would recover. You...

Happiness is...

As a rehabbing athlete, happiness is having your PT say the word, "Run." As a writer, happiness is having an editor say, "It looks great!" As a...

Happy Two Month Anniversary!!

On May 19th, 2010, I went in for a labral tear debridement and repair in my right hip. Two months later, I got to experience my first run!...

Swim Training for Got2Swim 4 Miles for Colin's Hope!

Seriously, the fact that I am about to blog about how much I love swimming lately is just plain weird and scary. I'm actually enjoying it more...

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Dec 24 2010 by Fabuloso
Tri!  I was researching *best exercise after labral tear* and came across your x-rays and story!  So.....after 5 months of no running :( I am just getting back to minimal exercise.  I don't see a lot about the labral tear and as I'm sure you agree it is soooo frus! question to you is how's it going?  What helped you??  I am now doing NOTHING because I am nervous I will re-injure it and have to start all 12 pounds!!!! 
Dec 24 2010 by Fabuloso

Are you the girl with the labral tear?


Apr 06 2010 by theonlysuz
Me too!  I just got the results of the MRI-A yesterday and ...  I am so happy to have a diagnosis.  It has been 8 years of chronic pain and no diagnosis!

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