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Trent R.

PALO ALTO, California
Stanford alum interested in increasing water intake
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Jan 01 2008 by Ron G.

Hi Trent!
Just wanted to make a quick comment and send you a warning about drinking 24 glasses of water/day. I am a relatively very active person and I work out an average of 1.5 hours/day. I did choose the number of 12 cups of water per day after consulting with my wife who is at the Medical School at Stanford, as well as with a couple of my friends who are MD's. I think that you should consult a doctor before drinking 24 glasses of water per day. too much water can be harmful.

Two wonderful Wellsphere members Maria S. and Chris R. sent me some great references that you may want to check out.  They are related to drinking too much. I recommend that you check out Nature news from two weeks ago, as well as  this NY Times article.

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