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Gluten Free Chili Cheese Tortilla with Fresh Tomato Salsa

There isn't an ingredient in this recipe that I couldn't eat every day in something:)  You can use Double Gloucester or Monterey Jack...

Schar Pizza Crust Tasting

There is so much Gluten Free products on the market these days, sometimes it's hard to know if most of it is any good.  I was gifted a...

Blue Cheese Polenta with Sauteed Vegetables

To me, this dish is very dangerous. I love Polenta!  I also love cheese... even the stinky stuff... and especially the bluing with fungus...

Two Birds and a Pig Gluten Free Chili

I don't think I'll ever get bored of experimenting with chili.  It's always so good, makes lots of leftovers, and can be made so many...

Gluten Free Banana Oat Coconut Muffins

I forgot just how easy it is to make muffins. And how rewarding! Not only do you get warm fluffy treats... your house smells comforting...
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Sep 13 2009 by Rusty
Wow, a Celiac brother from the city of brotherly love to boot!  Could you be a Flyers fan, too, in a year of great promise?  :) Do you like cooking?  Is it something you do a lot of?  Anyways, I will check out your blog.  Thanks for your help.

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