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Tram L. Healthy Living Professional

Specialty: registered dietitian (RD)
Honolulu, Hawaii
My philosophy on food and keeping a balance of mind, body, and spirit is simple: nurture your body, nurture your soul. I'm a Registered Dietitian devoted to providing you recipes that will feed your appetite for good food and healthy living.
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Gluten-free Vietnamese Garlic Noodles

I was making dinner the other week, when my friend Wendy (if you’re ever in West Annapolis, stop on by her chic women’s boutique, wrabyn )...

Coconut Chocolate Earl Grey Tea

The other day, my bestie from CreamCraft goods , posted a picture of her tea time – an Earl Grey tea bag flavored with chocolate! I don’t...

Plant-Based Diets and Nutrient Concerns

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” – Michael Pollan Whether you’re vegan (no meat, eggs, dairy), vegetarian, pescatarian,...

Soft Tofu Pudding with Coconut Milk & Caramelized Sugar/Ginger Syrup

In Vietnam, desserts are not heavy, calorie-laden affairs. This soft tofu pudding can be found in some Asian grocery stores, still warm....

Poor tofu.

Tofu has been around for centuries, and lately, it’s gotten a lot of flack. Poor tofu. I’ve been running into lots of people who are scared...
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Mar 12 2009 by rebeccasubbiah

your recipes look awesome 

great job





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