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Tracy Nicolaus Patient Expert

Yes I am ADHD,  I am also a recovering alcoholic, and a recovering sex addict. I have been in recovery since November 14th, 2002.  I am in process of writing a book about my sex addiction. Childhood trauma, addiction, recovery. My hope is, in my willingness to be honest and... Full Bio
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Columbia, South Carolina
I love spending time with my family, but never seem to find enough time in a day to get everything done! Lots more time on my hands as I have been on bedrest with my pregnancy for the last twelve weeks, but afraid that will end soon as little guys should be coming in next several weeks!


Olive Branch, Mississippi


Coeur D'Alene, Idaho
I am 42 yrs. old I live in beautiful Coeur D'Alene, ID I am married and have a 12 yr. old son.   I suffer with Lyme disease and Hashimoto's thyroid disease along with hormonal problems peri-menopause.  I need support since I am going through a hard time with Lyme disease.  I am a Spirit Filled Christian and enjoy many hobbies.  I do not work but volunteer a bit. I am a...


Hamilton, Virginia
A superb engineer and husband who happens to be severely hearing impaired. ( I usually wear a pair of open-fit behind-the-ear aids, but my new puppy ate one.) I am an engineer of green buildings, (Hopefully) and am seeking new employment to expand your world and your business. Read more about me and my endeavors on my web page Also seeking investment opportunities in commercial and...


Chino, California
I am a Marriage & Family Therapist working with individuals, couples, families and children.  909) 576-3889 12540 10th St, Chino, Ca 91710

TJ Chambers

Lenexa, Kansas
I'm an Adult with ADHD (combined Type) and I have successfully reduced my symptoms naturally with a Liquid supplement and a diet change. I research many things which include health issues and the causes of them. After understanding this, i research how to get rid of or reduce the symptoms. I am a generous person and love to help people with their health issues. My website tells about my...
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Nashville, Tennessee
I am 51 and found out three years ago that I had ADD. I was glad to find out because it answered many questions about my past. With a good counselor and the right mix of medications I was taught to do things that I never could do before. The only problem i see to have is with people that do not have ADD. They do not seem to understand it which causes many conflicts. I started my own...
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California 77004
I am a busy Mother of 3 with two girls that are the result of my first marriage that ended due to the damaging effects of alcoholism. I've created my blog to help me find support/advice on how to help my girls get through the loss of their birth Father and his family. They have not seen their Dad in nearly 4 years, as he refuses to go through a court ordered alcohol evaluation, or complete the...