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Tracey R.

San Francisco, California
I grew up in Wisconsin and moved to the SF Bay Area in 1998. I love to hike and rollerblade, but I work at a desk job (student services & administration) so I've found it a challenge to get enough exercise. I've recently started working out on my lunch hours and walking on days I don't go to the gym. I can't believe how much better I feel! I love it!
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Mar 08 2009 by Fanda

Hi Tracey,

Thank you for adding me as your friend. Healthy eating has been my concern lately, as you can see in my site 1st Probiotics. I have also collection of healthy recipes in the site that you might try for alternative.

See you around...


Mar 03 2009 by Ramzi S.
You can do it!!!
Mar 03 2009 by Ramzi S.
Tracey you are looking great and hope you are feeling great too!!