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Doing the right thing

I had a patient come in the other night............drunk with a head injury. As typical of us jaded ED nurses we kinda rolled our eyes and...


Perhaps it's time............. For a resurection!! Of this blog that is. I'm not gonna make any promises but I'm gonna give it an honest...

Gues Post by Jennifer Johnson

Top 5 Ways to Stay Awake Might as well call you a Vampire— while the rest of the world sleeps, you’re awake, transporting bodies and dealing...


I came in last night and the nursing supervisor asked me if I had ever worked in the NICU.  Uhhh.....nope, the regular newborn nursery but not...

Chief complaint

I get to spend quite a bit of time in our ED doing my job as our resource nurse.  The other day I was down there for awhile and happened to...

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