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totalhealth provides authoritative medical information in plain English making it easier for you to find trusted information on the internet. There is no shortage of health information available today and sometimes when quantity overtakes quality there can be too much. All information provided by totalhealth is written by senior doctors who are all experts in their chosen medical fields, which is written specially with the patient in mind. In an era of 'patient choice' we feel it is... Full Bio
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Why do plastic surgeons need to correct prominent ears?

Correcting prominent ears in children can have a profoundly positive effect on their psychological well being. This is backed up by the findings...

Hard-to-treat Breast Cancers and the PHGDH Gene

According to a US study published in Nature a gene has been identified that is linked to 70 % of the hard-to-treat breast cancers i.e. those that...

Eating disorders are not about food

It’s about knowing who you are. Consultant Psychologist, Dr Barbara Pearlman has pointed out that it is often a mistake to place the emphasis on...
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