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TopVeg is a blog where we talk vegetable growing in all its forms, good and bad. The site discusses growing delicious, fresh vegetables for the family, planning for a constant supply to the kitchen, in gardens, allotments, or window boxes, and generally provides great quality and relevant... Full Bio
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Early Potatoes

The Chef has dug some more early potatoes on the plot. He sent a photo with the caption “Two roots of spuds.Not a good yield” ...

Leeks planted following early potatoes

The Chef has planted leeks on the Plot following early potatoes. leeks_in-plot The seed potatoes planted on 2nd April have...

Plot Update 30 June

The Chef sent an update on his Plot dated 30 June. Everything is growing well – with a good variety of vegetables in the garden. potatoes...

The Plot is Producing

The photo below shows how the Plot is producing. Plot June 27th Three months after the Chef dug up his lawn he has a fantastic,...

Australia- Carrots?

These carrots from Australia are proof that they can grow carrots down under. aussie-carrots I am very proud of my godson who sent...
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Thank you for all of your contributions to the Gardening community. I hope you are enjoying posting them as much as we are all enjoying reading them.

Teresa J.