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San Francisco, California is the first and only healthcare blog dedicated for current and emerging hospital leaders, thinkers, and enablers. The vision is simple - to answer this question: what will it take for hospitals to be the best run organizations on the face of the planet?
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Track latest healthcare trends through Twitter stream

by Kent Bottles As a physician executive who teaches population health, consults with hospital systems and gives keynotes on disruptive...

Radiology in 2014: What 5 health leaders have to say

by Dan Bowman From reimbursement to the use of clinical decision support, several issues have been top of mind for radiologists and other...

Walmart health and its implications for imaging

by Matt Hawkins, M.D. Walmart opened five primary care offices across the country with plans to add more. These offices are in/near...

Hospitals must address underlying societal issues

by Anthony Cirillo Earlier this year I attended a World Health Care Congress session on employee health. The head of Comcast's human...

The doughnut dilemma: Loyalty vs. cost

by Kevin L. Shrake Loyalty is a very desirable trait we should value in our personal and professional lives. It is great to have a friend...
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