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San Francisco, California is the first and only healthcare blog dedicated for current and emerging hospital leaders, thinkers, and enablers. The vision is simple - to answer this question: what will it take for hospitals to be the best run organizations on the face of the planet?
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Hospital reputation lessons from the football field to the tennis court

by Kent Bottles Hospital leaders can learn a lesson about reputation management from two current sports stories. The first story is the...

Healthcare reform, rising costs: A conversation with Paul Keckley about America's 'Bitter Pill'

by Ilene MacDonald Journalist Steven Brill has been making the rounds promoting his new book , "America's Bitter Pill: Money, Politics,...

What patients are searching for and how you can be the answer

by Andrea J. Simon These are very challenging times for healthcare leaders and particularly for healthcare marketers. Everything seems to...

Using social media for community engagement: A success story

by Scott Kashman and Nancy Travis Scott: Over the past several years, I have been more actively involved in social media. Through my own...

The importance of ritual in transforming healthcare

by Thomas Dahlborg "Dad, why is it that we so love going to Starbucks together?" It was after our workout. We had just pushed one...
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