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Tony F. Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Orange, California
I am a psychologist who specializes in anger management, especially in relationships and families.... Full Bio
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Defensiveness Can Destroy Relationships

How would you describe a “defensive” person? To me, a defensive person is always blocking other people, like a defensive back on a football...

Anger Management Class is a big step for some

It is a huge step for some people to commit to an anger management class. Recently we had one fellow who was angry because he had to attend...

Anger Management In Action: Stop yelling At Your Kids

Screaming accomplishes Little I hate to hear parents screaming at their kids. Why? Because it doesn’t work! It creates a bad feeling...

Anger Class 101: Silence is an Anger Management Tool

They say that silence is golden. Tell that to Sally and Jim who argue constantly and fight like cats and dogs over almost every issue. Both...

Promotional Video for Marriage and Couples Therapy in Newport Beach

I just posted a new promotional video that I had created announcing my new location in Newport Beach California. In addition to providing...

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