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crestview, Florida
   i live in the panhandle of florida. i have been on disablity for 18 years for cronic cervical neck pain after three surgeries. i have had a number of mini strokes and one large one with no noticable disablity. i have been dignosed with so many things it is hard to keep up. i am now waiting for a bladder cancer dignoses. i am scared to death! i would not no what to do if i did not have my live in partener of nine years john. he is so supportive. i also have a dog name jack and a... Full Bio
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can bladder cancer bleed into the pelvic area causing hematoma behind colon? by TONI Posted in: Questions & Answers in Cancer i was found to have pelvic mass on ct scan. after evaluation it was detemined to be hematoma. now i have a large area in my bladder that my doctor is very concern could be c ... Read on »