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Toni Kaste

Holbrook, New York
Lupus Hope tells of my years of research into diet and nutrition and holistic medicine and how it can positively effect your overall health. It puts the POWER of getting well in YOUR hands. My blog was started to document my healing journey, as well as to share my journey with others with Lupus... Full Bio
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New York 11590
I am 22 years old and I am living well and living with Lupus. CHRONICLYsILLy was started as a place to offer those of us in the chronically ill, and specifically, the Lupus community, a place to find hope, a positive outlook on living life with lupus and some good laughs. Through humor and wit, I educate people about Lupus and living with lupus, while putting a creative and humorous spin on...


New York, New York
I'm a luscious lavender lupus butterfly spreading my social media wings to promote Lupus Awareness. Diagnosed in January 2010 with Lupus SLE.  I advocate for lupus non-stop! Laughter is thee BEST medicine; and always remember you're never alone with lupus! Besides having my own personal lupus blog; I also write for The Lupus Magazine, The Fight Like A Girl Club, and The "But...

Charlene Y. Atchison

Erie, Pennsylvania
Well, I am the mother of two, who I call me stars and I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia. I have been dealing with the Lupus for some years now and just found out about a 1 1/2 concerning the Fibromyalgia. I am not one who looks for others to feel sorry for me, I believe that everything that happens in our life happens for a reason.  I look forward to meeting new and exciting people who...


Portland, Oregon
In early 2005, I was 28 years old and just beginning to break into a career as an opera singer. I had received contracts for three main stage productions, a culmination of ten years of work toward my goal of making opera my life's work. I was at a turning point; these performances could make or break my budding career. One morning in March of that year, I woke, stood up, and passed out,...
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California 6500
im27 years old.. its been a month now seen i found out that im positive ANA.. it really scares me and my family, any how i have have to be strong to face this.. and cope by having new friends..
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Delebra H.

Shreveport, Louisiana

gypsy butterfly

California 77598
HELLO! I am the Gypsy butterfly....... Gypsy because i love the style, and true colors Butterfly because its the symbol of SLE Lupus, witch the enemy i fight everyd day! I was diagnosed with SLE in July 2008. My body has been at war with itself for over 2 years now! but its going to take more than lupus to bring me down! I am a Lupus fighter! and I will fight every day of my life...