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Tommy Kirchhoff

I was a high school and collegiate athlete. I ran long distance, trained triathlons, and was a bodybuilder for ten years. I studied physical education, kinesiology and nutrition at university and became a "fitness trainer" at a Powerhouse Gym in Detroit. I gave up all other forms of... Full Bio
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On Memory

Some time ago, maybe 15 years ago, I read a story about a brain researcher who had a vivid memory of being a young child in England...

Missing From Your Exercise: Stance Training

I'll tell you a little story. Once there was a boy in China who wanted to learn martial arts. At the age of 10, he saw the martial arts...

The Brain in Your Stomach

Did anyone ever tell you that you have guts ? Did you ever get a gut feeling ? Or have a gut reaction ? Did some ever tell you to "spill...

PSAs & Mammograms Do More Harm Than Good

It's February 13, 2014. And like so many facets of human history, the CURE we created and thought was perfect turns out to be the...

Helmet Theory

People wear helmets for alpine skiing because a helmet will save your head. But a theory exists that the helmet actually encourages...

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