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Health Maven's Answer
Studies have shown that members of a family usually always have similar dental and gum... more
Nov 14 2009 4:28pm
You should ask the insurance coordinator at your place of employment about the... more
Nov 14 2009 7:03am
In the absence of a history of trauma, sounds like a canker sore or oral herpes-you... more
Nov 13 2009 4:56pm
The most usual cause of this kind of problem is mouth breathing while sleeping.  When... more
Nov 12 2009 5:55pm
Without pictures, your description puzzles me.  Is the hole bleeding? Is it adjacent... more
Nov 11 2009 7:56am
Nov 04 2009 3:41am
Here is a website that has some great animations on oral... more
Nov 04 2009 11:14pm
If I were you I would immediately seek the attention of a dentist or physician to... more
Oct 27 2009 4:50pm
The dentist who performed the endodontics and replantation is more aware of the anatomic... more
Oct 27 2009 4:45pm
Sustained, daily use of an alcohol-containing mouth wash is a bad idea.   Sour... more
Oct 27 2009 4:40pm
I can't say for sure from your description, but it sounds like you may have broken the... more
Oct 24 2009 3:56pm