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You are correct in your suspicion that dissimilar metals in the mouth can interact... more
Nov 29 2009 12:06am
I have never had a patient who has reported a similar experience to me.  You should... more
Nov 20 2009 6:07pm
The Mouth is a reservoir of sepsis.  Fortunately, the bacteria are a balanced mixture... more
Nov 19 2009 12:11pm
A good place to start looking would be the American Association of Oral and... more
Nov 18 2009 3:19pm
My understanding of acne is that people have increased experience when their immune... more
Nov 18 2009 6:46am
You need to take your daughter to her pediatrician for evaluation and treatment.  Your... more
Nov 17 2009 2:07pm
Check this webpage for basic bad breath info:... more
Nov 17 2009 8:41am
Thank you for your very complete description of your symptoms.  Your history of these... more
Nov 16 2009 2:51pm
Your denture HAS NOT CHANGED since your dentist gave it to you.  Your gums supporting... more
Nov 15 2009 10:37am
Any new sensation in your gums (which normally render no "feeling" at all) should be... more
Nov 15 2009 6:48am