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Oral Infections need immediate professional attention--go to your physician or dentist... more
Feb 16 2010 11:06am
My advice is that you are in urgent need of dental care.  The infected tooth is inches... more
Jan 22 2010 5:24pm
Jan 22 2010 4:10am
I have contributed a lot of the answer... more
Jan 22 2010 2:23pm
This is an impossible diagnosis to make by email.  You need to see a dentist... more
Jan 17 2010 8:36am
My advice would be to not trivialize this complication.  You should see your surgeon on... more
Jan 16 2010 10:53am
This would vary as to what country you live in and the financial policy of the... more
Jan 14 2010 5:14pm
Sometimes the swelling of healing will cause a pressure that temporarily interferes... more
Jan 14 2010 5:10pm
You need to have a dentist examine this condition immediately.  An Email Diagnosis is... more
Jan 09 2010 1:25pm
In the wintertime, bedrooms are filled with super dry air.  Overnight many people suffer... more
Jan 09 2010 8:50am
I have two ideas: 1) Ask a dentist for an examination and treatment, and  2) Ask... more
Jan 07 2010 8:33pm