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Health Maven's Answer
Oral Surgery has the potential for experiencing more complications than other... more
Aug 22 2009 11:05am
I am sorry, I cannot understand the condition you describe, although I am certain that... more
Aug 23 2009 5:38pm
This is an extremely complicated history and unusually involved.  There is no "routine"... more
Aug 29 2009 5:27am
Many times the infection in a tooth that requires the root canal procedure has spread... more
Aug 29 2009 4:29pm
Your description seems to indicate that the problem is not in the underlying implant... more
Aug 29 2009 4:43pm
What you describe sounds like the opening to a "periodontal pocket".  The crevice... more
Aug 31 2009 5:55pm
A behaviorally adept dentist would be the best choice.  Since she has already had... more
Sep 02 2009 2:27pm
Children have remarkable healing, but when there is an infection under a babby tooth, it... more
Sep 21 2009 6:42am
I think this is a result of the chemical acrylic smell of the new denture confusing your... more
Sep 21 2009 5:35pm
In general, if there are no complications, bone grafts will heal.  Your "cracking"... more
Sep 23 2009 7:11am