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I suppose it sounds cliche or even drab to repeat the phrase: “It is important to listen”. But listen. In medical recruiting,...

Day of Prayer prayer

God our Father in Heaven We praise You for Your glory, love and mercy. We thank you for calling us to serve our neighbor helping them...

Little League Baseball: Lessons in Health and Recruitment

I have been accused of stretching conversational associations too far.  In fact, friends have said, “Where did you come up with that…we were...

What color is an M?

“What color is an M?” was a interview question posed by a rehab director.  He wanted to take the candidate off their prepared set answer...
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Aug 13 2009 by anna
sorry.. that was cpk back to normal at 65..
Aug 13 2009 by anna
hi.. my brother has aches and pains all over - after a doppler test his cpk levels came at 2500.. he also has  a vit d insufficiency. Doctors labelled it as meatabolic myopathy McArdle.. but after resting for 10 days, his cpk was back to normal at 2500. What does this indicate.. if u could suggest something..

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