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TJ Chambers

Lenexa, Kansas
I'm an Adult with ADHD (combined Type) and I have successfully reduced my symptoms naturally with a Liquid supplement and a diet change. I research many things which include health issues and the causes of them. After understanding this, i research how to get rid of or reduce the symptoms. I am a generous person and love to help people with their health issues. My website tells about my discoveries on health but mainly related to ADHD.
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Tracy Nicolaus

Yes I am ADHD,  I am also a recovering alcoholic, and a recovering sex addict. I have been in recovery since November 14th, 2002.  I am in process of writing a book about my sex addiction. Childhood trauma, addiction, recovery. My hope is, in my willingness to be honest and transparent, I will make it safe for others to do the same. Healing hearts across the planet, one story...