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Important notice!

I have made the executive decision to no longer blog at Mummified Times Five. If you are an advertiser who has previously worked with me, or...

OK, Don’t Panic! Don’t PANIC!!!!!

You may have noticed things are looking a little bare around here. It seems that, due to an unexplained f$%k up on my part, I have lost the...

Sneak Peek!

Hmmm, play with the Moose loot that got delivered today or keep looking for cheap health insurance ? Love seeing the courier pull up...

Gotta Love Mumisms!

My name is Tina and I am guilty of repetitive ‘mumisms’ LOL The kids think it’s more interesting counting how many times I repeat myself than...

Hello world!

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Nov 30 2009 by ed c
i feel for you i hope you find relief i know exctally how you feel

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