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[Nutrition 911] Part XVI Nutritional Emergency: To Fast or Not to Fast?

As our Nutrition 911 series transitions from drinks to food, what could be more natural than to discuss something in between, like fasting? Most...

[Nutrition 911] Part XV Nutritional Emergency: The Best and Worst Cocktails

If you want a drink, you want a drink, and all the bad press you read isn’t likely to quench your thirst. So the Nutrition 911 on alcohol will...

[Nutrition 911] Part XIV Nutritional Emergency: Energy Drinks – Do They Really Give You Wings?

Energy drinks have taken over the soft drink market in a caffeine-fueled frenzy. By listening to the ad campaigns, you’d be sure that this has...

[Nutrition 911] Part XIII Nutrition Emergency: Juice, Juicing, and Fruit – The Differences

Last time we discussed why Jamba Juice® isn’t always the healthy beverage chain it’s cracked up to be. We took a brief look at why something...

[Nutrition 911] Part XII Nutrition Emergency: Jumbo Juices and Crappuccinos

Today, our oh-so-basic nutrition class hits the mall, or at least the strip mall, for a look at popular beverage chains. These range from places...

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