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Wylie, Texas
I am a wife and mother of four daughters Lauren, Chelsea, Jasmine and Jocelyn. I live in Texas and am taking a few courses at the community college while the kids are at school. I am LDS or Mormon and have a strong faith based center in my life. I am passionate about Art and Design, and Cultures and People. I have taken several languages - and am now presently studying Arabic.
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Nov 13 2012 by Amom2go2004

It all starts with the need to accept ourselves and be at peace with that...then others can too.Many times our perceptions of what others think of us,keeps us from stepping out of the box and we find that when we get to know the person, they had issues with themselves. Many times we can  judge/feel that as a dislike for us.

Sep 17 2009 by TiffanyFaith

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.  — Helen Keller

Aug 28 2009 by TiffanyFaith
 So, I'm studying Cultural Anthropology as well as Arabic this semester. The interesting thing to me is that I am passionate about Peoples and Cultures and customs different than my own; yet I am consistently finding myself to be a spectator on the outside of every group I have association with.  This is the biggest trial or frustration of my life. I have huge desire and need to connect; and am just not allowed to. Thus, goes my life, in a room full of people I know at church yet as lonely as someone in the icey expanse of Antarctica. Go Figure.