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New York, New York
I'm a luscious lavender lupus butterfly spreading my social media wings to promote Lupus Awareness. Diagnosed in January 2010 with Lupus SLE.  I advocate for lupus non-stop! Laughter is thee BEST medicine; and always remember you're never alone with lupus! Besides having my own... Full Bio
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The Silver Lining by TiffanyAndLupus Patient Expert 1 Comment Posted in: Blog Posts in Lupus my journey, a haven for my innermost thoughts, where my mind bleeds emotion.

Here I will share all. Most especially living with Lupus; a diagnosis that has arrived six years late, but I continuously strive to see the silver lining hidden amongst the clouds. "I may have Lupus, but Lupus doesn't have me" is a constant stone of repetition! In less than seven days NYC is having a 'Walk for Lupus' event on May 1st. The excitement is just bubbling over inside! So many team members have shown amazing support, and people I never thought I could count on have been awesome advocates and proud supporters for my Lupus campaign.

I have found a deeper strength in myself I wasn't sure existed. A voice that wants to ring out loud, clear, and proclaim itself to the world. I have found sisters in far places who share my Lupus struggle, and they assure me daily that we will NEVER GIVE IN.

I've never been one to cower, or hide in shame. I have Lupus and I will not be afraid to acknowledge it. There is power in knowing one's status. I feel we should all be more conscious of our health. Do YOU know whens the last time you visited your doctor?Do you know your family's medical history? These are all questions whose answers should be void of hesitation. If not, it's time to educate yourself. Take pride in knowing you body and health status. Some things can be prevented if caught early. It just may be what saves your life one day.

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