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Filth and Cankles

Got my comfy sweatshirt on, coffee in one hand, and I'm ready to blog. Come home covered and smelling like oil, time to shower right? Of...

Oh The Neglect

I haven't logged on in months, so to anyone who remembers my blog, HELLO :D! I've missed posting here. I don't have much to post at the moment,...


My green nails from my previous post are still going strong. Not a single chip :D. My makeup from Friday night. Ever since I bought this...

Up Past My Bedtime

It's 2:11 a.m and I'm nowhere near tired so I'll post pics of my makeup earlier today. I had to hold my bangs because they don't stay put when I...

Hey Hey Hey

My poor neglected blog. I created it right after I turned 22, and I'm now a month away from the elderly age of 24. Woo! Geritol shots at the bingo...

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