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My articles can be found on and . I contribute to the blog on Tirumph Dining (). I work as a gluten-free consultant with restaurants and food companies (). My goal is to improve gluten-free choices in the U.S. and help others learn how to live and love the gluten free... Full Bio
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Pillsbury chocolate chip muffins - mmm mmm delish!

So far I haven't seen these tasty muffins anywhere in the ATL, but if you like chocolate chip muffins, these are definitely worth finding and...

Serpas - a gluten-free review

From time to time we go to pricey restaurants that offer no special gluten-free items like bread or pasta or even crackers.  At the end of the...

Take away from Whole 30 (Part 3 of 3)

While I'm glad I did the Whole 30 challenge, I am back to only avoiding gluten now.  I decided to take some good habits from the 30 days into...

Verizon Ampitheatre's gluten-free options

If you can get into the VIP areas of Verizon's Amphitheater at Encore park, you will likely find some very tasty gluten-free things to eat.  If...

First Watch gluten-free review

For several years, I'd read rave reviews of a FL based chain called First Watch so naturally I was uber excited when I learned about a location...

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Sep 13 2009 by Rusty
When all you want is a kaiser bun and it's hard to walk into a grocery store without drifting into the bakery and weeping, what do you do...?  Hi.  My name is Heidi.  My friends call me Rusty, but thats another story. I'm from BC, Canada and I've just been diagnosed.  It's been exciting, to say the least because all I can do now is squeeze the buns.  No tasting allowed...sigh. 
Jun 03 2009 by Tiffany

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