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stomach fat, flab, company, xtras by tia m. 1 Comment Posted in: General Discussion in Stress Management can anybody tell me why is it sosooooooo hard to loose belly fat, the kind that grows with you and the kind that sticks behind after you have a baby, omg what can i do? of cou ... Read on »
one step at a time by tia m. 2 Comments Posted in: General Discussion in Weight loss i am new to this and i really hope i am posting the appropriate topics or items on the post page. i am getting the hang of this computer thing thru trial n error, heck i have ... Read on »
is there any more time in a day? by tia m. 1 Comment Posted in: Questions & Answers in Stress Management life is so busy, with family and work and extran activities with the kids,its so hard to stay focused on me time cuz during me time its easy to find myself doing extra house ... Read on »