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what treatment can i use for dysphonia from thyroid surgery where an inserted tube clipped the top of my right vocal cord.

Posted by Kharizmah

i want to know what treatment can i use to treat dysphonia ive tried the ent specialist and they tried the injections i seemed to work for a little while but it was only temporary. im a singer and i was dianoised with thyroid cancer so they removed the right side of my thyroid i had the left removed in 1981 and even after that i still had a vocal range of a second soprano now after this surgery i can barely sing tenor . after ive seen the specialist they determined that after numerous test that a small piece of the top of my right vocal chord was injured everything else was fine no paralysis in the muscles and that main nerve was fine also ive been working with speech tharapist that said it was nothing else they could do i cant give up singing  is my life i still do sing now and can hit some high notes as well but i have a lot of muscle tiredness and muscus sits in my throat making my voice rattle what can i do can you help me please.
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